The Twisted Vine Bistro

Cooking Class: Featuring Edna Valley ~ Niven Family Winery Baileyana Chardonnay ~ February 19th

Sunday, February 19th


Featuring Edna Valley ~ Niven Family Winery Baileyana Chardonnay

Appetizer: Twisted Tuna Salad

Entrée: Twisted Cordon Bleu

At Twisted Vine Bistro | Wine Bar, we approach cooking with
a smile, a passionate pursuit, and always a glass of wine.

Whether you run towards or from the kitchen
whenever possible, Twisted Vine’s own Chef Mia Saling will offer a different
type of cooking class for the culinary curious. With chef demonstration and hands-on
participation, attendees will create an appetizer and entrée with this
classically-trained chef that is paired with wines featured at DiVine Wine Club.
Recipes will be available at the event’s conclusion for at-home

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